It would be nice to receive base64 data via ProtoPie Connect, which I can convert into a image file.
This would one step more into the programmatic direction, where data can be dynamic and fastly exchanged, also for prototypes.
The most generic example for this convert would be images from placeholder APIs for components.
  1. "Send" trigger to Bridge
  2. Bridge connected code (custom plugins, hardware, etc.) request to an image API
  3. Code converts the image to base64
  4. Code sends data to the prototype via Bridge
  5. Prototype receives base64 data and apples it to the content of an image layer (like with the text content, but it doesn't exist for images right now in ProtoPie)
Additionally, an image URL support would be also great to have for API calls like random images (avatars, food, etc.), database images from the own project, and so on. The Pie syntax could be: = Received_URL
("Received_URL" is the variable, that stores the received URL from the Bridge communication).
The syntax for the base64 approach: = Received_Base64
ProtoPie could automatically converts the base64 to a PNG in the internal image layer component or tries to fetch the image via the URL.