We are using Protopie Player for remote user testing on multiple devices. We are having trouble scrolling and moving content to the right position, when the native keyboard scrolls in to view. We can get the software keyboard height, but it seldom matches the area of the prototype that the keyboard covers on the user's device, because the user device screen size rarely matches the actual size of the prototype. E. g. when the device screen is bigger than the prototype, Protopie Player vertically centers the prototype leaving bars in the top and bottom of the screen. But the keyboard slides up from the bottom of the screen. Therefore the y-position of the top of the keyboard isn't the height of the prototype minus $keyboardheight as expected, but the height of the prototype - ($keyboardheight - (the height of the screen - the height of the prototype/2). Other ways to solve this could be to get the y-pos of keyboard in the prototype view.