When I tried to import from Figma component instances and component without variants these are imported as containers, and this is fine; I can recreate Components in ProtoPie (would be great if the Figma structure will be maintained but it makes sense that the objects structure are different).
But when I tried to import component with variants, nothing is imported. Could be imported variants as new containers?
I'm quite new in ProtoPie (actually in Figma too) as I see sometimes is better a new approach, move single components rather than creating new states/variants to rebuild components as in Figma (in Figma is the only way to build some animations/states). But in any case having the single Figma variants can be helpful to build the component structure in ProtoPie.
As workaround I need to create multiple object instances for every Figma variants, but is a waste of time and could lead to a worst design management in Figma.